Saturday, July 23, 2011

June into July roundup

Time for me to get some serious catching up done on my blog, I've been so busy and just haven't posted in the past month!!

We finished up with baseball and although Alex's team put up a pretty good fight there in the last couple of games they just couldn't hold down that 1st place team in the playoffs. I think we had a good season overall and I enjoyed going to almost every game this year (missed one for work) and I hope that Alex will play again next year. It was fun watching him catch a couple of games, as well as play first base. Watching him in the catcher's gear reminded me of when his older brothers were in that position, especially Jesse who was catcher for a while when he played.

On July 7th I very happily watched my son, Jesse, take Nicole to be his wife. While they had originally planned to tie the knot next year things changed and in order for Jesse to be able to have medical insurance under Nicole's plan they decided to make it legal now and then think about a larger reception in the future. The wedding took place outside and it was a beautiful day, although a bit warm for those wearing suits (HAHA!) Jesse was sweating and couldn't wait to take off his jacket but he looked very handsome and Nicole was beautiful. We took a photo with the new happy couple before heading back to our house where I had agreed to host a little gathering for a small group of their friends.

Of course I love a reason to decorate and make pr
etty things so I dressed up the table and make cupcakes with silver glitter and lots of food and goodies for everyone.

If you read my blog you know how much I love going to live concerts and it had been a while and I was due for
one!! On July 9th I had the pleasure of seeing Rick Springfield for the 8th time!!! Yes...8...I couldn't believe it myself when I looked at my ticket stubs and counted them up! It was a great time, as always, with great friends.

Work kept me busy for the next few days and then it was off to my sister's for a week to help take care of my nephew, Cole, and give my sister and her husband a much needed weekend away. Alex and I really had a great time playing with and enjoying Cole to ourselves while mom and dad were away. We did some shopping and planned meals and made sure to fit tons of fun in between all of that.
We went to Toys R Us and got Cole a cute Elmo helmet and then watched him have a blast riding his tricycle that we got him for his 2nd birthday in May, doesn't he look like he's flying? He doesn't use the pedals yet but man does he go fast with his feet!!

We also enjoyed the pool that is in their community and Cole showed me how much he loves the water in the kiddie pool! I love the one photo I took, you can see his tongue sticking out! He wasn't too sure about the big pool, he was holding on to me pretty tight but then I got some of the noodles and wrapped them around and he felt a little better but he was happiest being in the small pool.

We really just enjoyed ourselves totally all week long and it went way too fast for us. I have to say that even Alex who wasn't thrilled about being away from home and his friends for a whole week couldn't believe it when I told him we were going home the next day, he
wanted to stay longer but alas I had to return to work the next morning after we drove home. Going back to work the morning after my wonderful week with my nephew was very hard for me in more ways than one but that is for my next post.

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Scrappy Gal said...

Aw, Cole is so cute!! I love seeing Alex & him together, making memories that will last a lifetime!! He will be a great mentor for him, no doubt! Looks like you all have been busy, which is great!!!