Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

I can’t believe it is July 4th already, where did the month of June go to? Sheesh…it really is true what they say about the older you get the faster time flies by! I suppose the good thing in all of this is that I have been very busy and doing things that make me happy and leave me with plenty of memories to write and scrap about. Alex went to a graduation party yesterday afternoon and then he and Jim went to a BBQ/party in the evening and I don’t know what time they came home but it is now almost 1:00pm and they are both still sleeping, LOL!!! I hate that I can’t really enjoy parties like this because of my allergy to mosquitoes but there isn’t anything that I’ve used that keeps those damn things off me so I deal with it.

Before I move into June I’ll back up a bit into the month of May because on the 16th of May I went into NYC and met up with Sandi for what has become our monthly routine of getting together with each other and doing either a show or just lunch and walking around and shopping, whatever we want to do…sometimes we don’t even have any set plans but who cares? On this day we decided to put our names in for the lottery rush at the Brooks Atkinson theatre to try and see Rock of Ages again. It would be my 5th time seeing it and Sandi’s 3rd but she had not seen it since it moved from Off Broadway and for me I could see that show every week if I could afford it, I love all the music! As luck would have it Sandi’s name was the first one picked out of the barrel so we got front row tickets of mezzanine for $26.50 which is a savings of about $110 each ticket!! These are side view which is why they give them out for so cheap but who cares?? We had a blast and we were stoked that Sandi won!!

2010-05-16 - Rock of Ages with Sandi I can’t even remember what else we did that day, I think we had lunch at John’s and had pizza and salad…I love that place and they make the best pizza! I was wearing my new Rock of Ages shirt that I made myself and Sandi said next time we try for the lottery I have to wear it because it was my good luck shirt, hahaha.

So you might remember I planted flowers that were supposed to be “deer proof” at mom and dad’s grave back in May…well I am here to tell you that whoever said that is bullshitting me because that was a total FAIL!!! fail Both of the flowers were totally beheaded by whatever is creeping around that damn cemetery at night! I am so done spending money on flowers (sorry, mom!! ) only to be disappointed like this the next time I go visit the grave. I really am at the end of my rope and I have come to realize that there will never be pretty flowers there unlike other graves in that place, I think the problem is that the plot is right next to the woods as opposed to others that are more centrally located in the cemetery. Oh well, I tried and at this point I think mom would forgive me…on to fake plastic stuff!!!

June 6th I met up with Sandi in NYC again and this time we just walked around and had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and sat in there for over 2 hours just chatting and picking at the salad bar and the spinach and artichoke dip I ordered, it was a good time…always fun when we get together even if we don’t do anything special.

On June 9th I had the pleasure of seeing Constantine Maroulis again at the Boulton Center which is about 25 minutes from my house, just down the block from where Alex had his kid’s bereavement group through the hospice that took care of mom in her last days. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen his “Night at the Rock Show” and I love it!! Again, all excellent rock music that I enjoy listening to over and over. I went with my good friend, Paula, and this time we decided to stick around for the “Meet & Greet” afterwards and get our pictures taken with Con. Mom would have been so jealous, I’m sure…even though she liked Bo Bice better than Constantine. :)

01 37311_404252461247_7316166247_4187593_7492452_n 37311_404252541247_7316166247_4187603_8228160_n 02

I made a trip to visit Nancy, Paul and Cole at the end of June that I tied into a scrapbook convention about 20 minutes from their house so I was excited about both! 01 Cole is so damn cute now, crawling all over the place and I was happy that I was able to take him out on walks with his stroller! As soon as I got there I was ready for our first walk after being in the car for 5 hours! I went to the library nearby and to the store for a few things and then back to the house for a snack before Cole went down for a nap. We went for another walk after his nap and then I fixed dinner and took him out for another walk after we ate and came back right in time for his bath and to get ready for bed.

Saturday morning I set out for the convention, I had a class at 9:30am which was the only one that I signed up for and I liked the products we got in the class plus I won one of the raffle prizes so I was happy about that. After my class I walked around to check out all the different vendors and I did a couple of Make & Takes. 02 It was a great afternoon for me to check out products being used that I don’t really use all the time. In this 2 page layout I used velvet iron on. This is not something that I would think to use on a page but it came out so cool, I bought a few to try it out. I hope to do that at my crops in July and August which I have already started preparing for. I bought a few items and I really love this laser cut I picked up and already put together since I am going to Epcot with Alex at the end of the month!! 100_0954

June 30th I met up with Sandi again in the city and we decided to try to get into the studio for a taping of The View but alas even though were were #12 and #13 for the standby line when we went back just before they were letting the audience in we were told that they were full to capacity and even had to turn away some of the ticketholders at the back of the line, oh well…I will try again in September, maybe the 3rd time will be the charm for me since this was the 2nd time I had tried to get in to that show. It’s on my bucket list as well as the Dr. Oz show. :)

Moving into July I have started to do some more re-organizing in the house and since we were getting rid of these grid walls at work I took them home and decided to incorporate them into a few rooms in the house for storage. Jim was pretty skeptical but as he realized he was the one who would use it the most for all of his music equipment in his room.

Bag storage in my office along with some other stuff.

100_0881 100_0882

Alex wanted a section in his game room but he hasn’t put too much on there just yet, I guess we’ll see what he does with it eventually.


My scrap room, I used the only white section there was and it’s a great place to store my flowers and other stuff.


Jim’s room, plenty of storage for his wires and other stuff he uses for his music.


I can’t end this post without a shout out to my friend, KellyAnne, from my scrapbook board for sending me these bulbs to plant in honor of my mom last fall. When they came up I didn’t realize just how amazing they would be! 100_0879 100_0880Thank you, KA…so much, I will think about mom every time these come up year after year.

I love my scrapbook board, such a great bunch of ladies sharing our love of scrapbooking! I joined a Secret Sister Swap recently and I got an amazing package from my SS, Tracy.


Happy July everyone!! Let's all make some memories with our families this summer.


Scrappy Gal said...

Great catch up!! Love reading about your adventures! I'm sorry to hear about your flower mishap at the cemetery! Sadly, we have to lay down the "fake" ones a few times a year for my grandparents & dad. They have a wonderful variety of them, but I understand.

Nancy n Paul said...

Of course Cole is the cutest thing ever! What a great pic.

ScrapnKel said...

Oh what a recap Linda! I've been so behind on my blogging for months and am determined to get it back up to date! I loved catching up with you and looks like you are having a wonderful summer. I choked up at the end when I saw the beautiful flowers. WOW! A super lovely reminder of such a super lovely lady. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

hope you had a nice summer

it had been very warn around here

thinking of you
love madeleine