Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day...

...and my first without mom so I thought that today it would be fitting to bring something out of retirement, her favorite coffee mug. Mom loved this mug and it was one that we took with us when we brought her up to live with us when it became clear she could no longer stay in her home in Florida and Nancy and I just couldn't travel back and forth anymore.

Mom drank out of this mug every single morning while she lived here and I think she truly did "Live, love and laugh" all the days of her life and I try to do the same. So in remembrance of my beloved mom and today being my first mother's day without being able to tell her how much I love her in person I will live, love and laugh...even though I am sad and I miss her terribly. We will be together again.

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Laura said...

Hope you had a nice Mothers Day, love the mug! (((hugs)))