Saturday, April 12, 2008

What have I done for myself lately?

Sometimes we get so busy with our lives and taking care of our families and obligations that we forget about the most important person that we need to do for and by that I mean ourselves. I've often been told that if you don't take care of yourself you'll be no good to anyone so always do something for you and the rest will fall into place.

So what is on tap for Linda?

Well it's no secret that I love music, especially live stuff and I had the opportunity on thursday night to see a great musician for the second time, Richard Marx.

Since I've had a few people ask me who RM is I figure I would refresh your memory...he's put out hits such as:

  • Don't mean nothing
  • Endless Summer Nights
  • Now and Forever
  • Should've known better
  • Hold on to the nights
  • Right here waiting
Aside from his own hits he has written for a slew of other artists.

As always it was a great show filled with some new music and old 80's tunes that he's most known for. We also had a rare treat in that Billy Squier showed up and played 2 songs with Richard including one of his hits, Everybody wants you.


Let's see....oh yeah, I'm going to see Spamalot on Broadway with my friend Sue and hopefully it will be a nice day and we can walk to the theatre and I don't have to use the subway. Oh yeah, Clay Aiken is in the play right now...bonus!

I got up this morning and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee and then took myself out for a haircut and a pedicure and I really enjoyed all of the pampering, especially the massage chair in the nail salon.


I'm in the middle of reading 3 different books right now. Yikes, I don't know what I've gotten myself into but I know that when I read it enriches my life (well ok...maybe not the fiction stuff) because ultimately I learn something about myself with every book that I finish. I'm currently reading Randy Pausch's book, "The Last Lecture" and I continue to follow his journey on his website as I have ever since I learned of his fight with pancreatic cancer, having lost my dad to this disease.

Working at a library is great because I always know what great new books are coming out and I just was at work yesterday and putting books away and this one caught my eye so I put it on the side and took it home to read, I think it will be a quick read and possibly I'll get through it on the flight to mom's on monday morning.

Oh and I'm also reading A New Earth, the Oprah book club selection...having a hard time and reading it really slowwwwwwwwwwlyyyyyyyyy...seriously like 2 pages a day, if I'm's a lot to absorb. I need to download the lessons and watch them from the first few chapters. Anyone else reading this book?

I will be in Florida for at least the next 10 days, maybe longer depending on what is going on with mom and how she is progressing with her therapy. Please continue to lift her up in prayer as she begins some intensive therapy to regain her strength in order to be able to go home. She is being transferred to the rehabilitation hospital as I type this.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and comments and most of all for all of your supportive and kind words. I am blessed.


Just A Scrappy Gal said...

Linda, you are amazing with all you are doing for yourself! Sounds like it was very therapeutic for you and just what you needed! Take care these next few days! In my thoughts, like always.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun and fulfilling!

Put a red flag on that Oprah book though. From what little I've seen they're (Oprah and author) putting their own twist on their faith. I am curious as to how much the book lines up biblically.

June said...

You are so right, we do forget to do for ourselves sometimes, don't we.

Sounds like you are having some fun, and I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy Spamalot. We took Steve after the first deployment on our trip to St. Louis (if you ever have the chance go to The Fox Theater there) and it was great!

Prayers, always!!

Angela said...

tolle is fantastic. i real The Power of Now. and im looking to read yours next. let me know how it goes!

Laura said...

Keeping your mom (and all of you) in our thoughts and prayers.
I'm glad you got to do some fun things.

Toner said...

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ScrapnKel said...

Wow Linda, that is just awesome getting to have some time for you!!! I agree, we all need it to keep ourselves fresh and going forward! Thoughts are always with you and hope this next 10 days in FL is full of strength and lots of love.